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ESG Evaluation

Get an in-depth assessment of your ESG performance, enhanced with unparalleled benchmarking insight and a forward looking analyst perspective to best position your sustainability strategy.

Get an in-depth
assessment of your
ESG performance

The S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) is for companies looking to establish a sustainability baseline and gain independent insight into their sustainability performance relative to peer companies.

Go a step further to communicate your ESG story to stakeholders

Prepare for future ESG risks and opportunities and communicate your long-term value creation strategy to stakeholders with a forward-looking ESG Evaluation from S&P Global Ratings analysts. Each ESG Evaluation comprises two inputs: the ESG Profile and the Preparedness Opinion.

ESG Profile

The ESG Profile score summarizes S&P Global Ratings opinion of the current to near-term effectiveness of the entity’s ability to manage its risk exposure and uncover opportunities relative to peers.

Risk Atlas

More than 40% of the ESG Profile is driven by how we apply our macro sector and regional analysis to an entity. The ESG Risk Atlas consolidates our analytical sector knowledge and expertise and provides the foundation for our analysis, which makes the ESG Evaluation comparable cross-industry and cross-region.

S&P Global CSA

In order to obtain an ESG Evaluation, companies are invited to complete the CSA. The private and public responses provided by a company in the CSA questionnaire are used by S&P Global Ratings’ analysts as a starting point for their comparative ESG analysis of the company. This is bolstered by information gleaned from direct discussions between the company and S&P Global Ratings analysts.

Preparedeness Opinion

The Preparedness opinion is a qualitative view of a company’s capacity to anticipate and adapt to a variety of long-term disruptions.

Board Meeting

To develop the Preparedness opinion, S&P Global Ratings analysts meet with a company’s senior management and a board member to establish their awareness and assessment of emerging trends and potential business disruptors, as well as associated long-term planning.


The ESG Profile score and Preparedness opinion are combined to produce a relative overall ESG Evaluation score on a 100-point scale.

Final ESG Evaluation

Evaluated companies receive a report which details the analysis and delves into the rationale behind the scores. This report can be kept confidential to use as an internal strategy tool or shared with investors and stakeholders as companies see fit. If requested, S&P Global Ratings may assess a company against TCFD disclosure standards.

Why choose an ESG Evaluation?

Communicate the long-term strategic plans of your company through direct and in-depth engagement between Ratings Analysts, your management and Board

Bring credibility to your strategy with an opinion powered by the knowledge and expertise of both our Credit and Sustainable Finance Analysts

Go beyond ratings based on public disclosure to enhance transparency and tell your holistic ESG story to investors with a report that incorporates both public and private information

Cut through the noise by giving your investors exactly what they are looking for with an Evaluation score and analysis grounded in finacially material ESG factors

Utilize the Preparedness assessment to offer a forward-looking opinion of your company's awareness and readiness for disruptive ESG risks and opportunities

Use the detailed rationale provided in your ESG Evaluation to frame your company's sustainability messaging and build out your IR toolkit

Need essential sustainability intelligence?


Why S&P Global?

Accelerate Your Sustainability Journey

Gain unparalleled insight into critical topics like ESG performance, net zero, energy transition, sustainable financing, regulatory compliance and more.

Discover End-to-End Market Perspectives

Leverage intelligence that is tried-and-tested throughout the global value chain, applying deep knowledge of corporate sustainability assessments that scales analytics for asset owners, investment managers and banks.

Connect Your Workflows

Link sustainability data with financial data and market intelligence, and dig deep with screening tools, real time updates, data visualizations and customized dashboards.

Increase Your Productivity

Access data when and how you want it with flexible delivery options that include a leading desktop solution, APIs, data feeds and cloud access, underpinned by robust data linking, AI and machine-learning technologies.

Rely on a Deep Heritage of Innovation

Put 20+ years of experience behind your sustainability strategy, getting ahead of disclosure trends with active corporate engagement and granular data modelling, and delivering enhanced solutions recognized by numerous industry awards.

Enjoy Superior Customer Service

Know you have 24x7x365 backup and specialist assistance from ESG specialists and research analysts across our global offices.