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What Sets S&P Global ESG Scores Apart?

It's more than just a number. The score reflects the depth and breadth of a company's environmental, social, and governance performance across hundreds of metrics.

More data.

Deeper analysis.

Clearer picture.

What goes into an ESG score?

Participating companies provide detailed answers to a standardized set of ESG-related questions through our proprietary Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA).

ESG Scores Overview

Unlike any other ESG dataset available in the market today, S&P Global ESG Scores - and the CSA research process that underpins them – form the basis of a unique ecosystem that actively drives corporate disclosures and raises the bar on sustainability standards over time.

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How we score the Corporate Sustainability Assessment

The ESG scores of 7,300+ companies are calculated by our team in Zurich based on company answers to the CSA and/or publicly available data.

S&P Global ESG Scores & CSA FAQ

A list of the most frequently asked questions.

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The Difference between ESG Scores and ESG Evaluations

The Evolution of Sustainable Investing Rewards

Answering investors’ growing demand for robust and comprehensive ESG metrics, the S&P Global ESG Scores were made accessible to the global investment community on 18th May 2020.