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The Sustainability Yearbook 2023


Message from Douglas Peterson, President & CEO of S&P Global

Dear Stakeholder,

Welcome to the 2023 edition of S&P Global’s Sustainability Yearbook. Here you’ll find the world’s leading companies based on their sustainable business practices.

The rigor of our Corporate Sustainability Assessment, or CSA, is what makes identifying these companies possible. Over the past 24 years the CSA has grown into a leading corporate sustainability database. At the time of this writing, a record number of companies have participated in the latest CSA. The thousands of companies that submit data through the CSA help ensure that our sustainability scores are insightful and comprehensive. I want to express our gratitude to all the companies that take part in the CSA.

I also want to thank the teams responsible for the CSA. They do a fantastic job with everything from the way they engage companies to the transparent and independent approach they take to developing the methodology behind the assessment to the rigorous data collection and translation of that information into a consistent assessment of corporate sustainability performance.

This report is built on the bedrock principles of transparency, reliability, and comparability. These qualities are consistent across S&P Global in everything we do.

These qualities are also behind some of the most promising public-private sector initiatives happening around the globe focused on using corporate disclosures to create a more sustainable future. Over the last year I’ve been pleased to see progress to produce sustainability-related reporting standards. The work the International Sustainability Standards Board and others are doing is essential to reduce global fragmentation in sustainability reporting generally and establishing an international baseline for enterprise value reporting specifically.

Before closing I want to point out that we moved our commentary about sustainability trends that has traditionally accompanied the Sustainability Yearbook to a new publication. To provide readers with more frequent insights about these trends, last year we launched a fantastic new journal called the S&P Global Sustainability Quarterly. If you haven’t done so already, please check it out for the best thinking about the latest moves to a low-carbon, sustainable future, and continue to use the Sustainability Yearbook as a reference for the top-performing sustainable companies.

Thank you for your interest in the work businesses across the globe are doing to deliver value to all their stakeholders.


Douglas L. Peterson
President and CEO
S&P Global

2022 Corporate Sustainability Assessment