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The Evolution Of Sustainable Investing Rewards
The outperformance of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World over one, three and five year time horizons highlights the ability of S&P Global ESG Scores, powered by the SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) to select outperforming companies.
16-06-2020 | Article
Record Climb in CSA Participation as ESG Comes into the Spotlight
This year saw the strongest level of CSA participation – up 19% from 2019.
13-11-2020 | Article
Deeper ESG scoring transparency for corporates - Transparency for investors to follow
S&P Global will be releasing question-level scores to participating companies. Once companies have had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with these details, S&P Global plans to provide the capital market with increased insight into question-level scores.
Early identification of pandemic risk and mitigating actions in the airline industry
The COVID-19 crisis has had an extreme and almost immediate effect on the airline industry.
25-08-2020 | Insight
Impact valuation – how leading companies can gain a competitive edge
Impact valuation enables companies and their stakeholders to obtain a true and holistic picture of their value creation for investors and society
13-05-2020 | insight
Managing eventualities – a three-step approach to effective sustainability risk management
18-07-2020 | Article
S&P Global ESG scores are accessible for the first time to the global investment community
S&P Global ESG Scores (formerly SAM ESG Scores) launch today on the S&P Global Market Intelligence Xpressfeed.
18-05-2020 | Insight
Europe Status Report 2019
European companies outperform the global average in terms of their sustainability performance.
03-06-2020 | insight
“Rate the Raters” 2019: Global companies value the SAM CSA as the most useful rating tool
02-02-2020 | Article
CSA to become the pillar of ESG data collection at S&P Global – benefits for corporates
The SAM CSA established by RobecoSAM is now issued by S&P Global.
10-01-2020 | Insight
Asia Progress Report 2019
18-12-2019 | Insight
Latin America Progress Report 2019
10-12-2019 | Article
S&P Global to Acquire the ESG Ratings Business from RobecoSAM
NEW YORK / ZURICH, Nov 21, 2019 -- S&P Global and RobecoSAM, an affiliate of Robeco, announced today that S&P Global will acquire the ESG Ratings Business from RobecoSAM.
28-11-2019 | Press release
Why corporates’ ESG data matters to investors
20-11-2019 | Insight
Hyundai Motor’s motivations to become 1st time CSA participants
This year over 200 companies made the decision for the first time to undertake the SAM CSA.
27-08-2019 | Interview
Sustainability Indices: Do Investors Actually Care?
01-08-2019 | Insight
CSA 2019: No sign of survey fatigue
05-08-2019 | Insight
CSA 2019: Thank you for a new record in participation
03-06-2019 | Video
New S&P ESG index family relying on CSA
We are proud to announce a new milestone in our collaboration with S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI), the world’s leading index provider.
22-05-2019 | Insight
Slowly but surely: gradual progress towards gender equality
18-04-2019 | Insight
Five Years of Pushing for Change: Assessing Corporate Tax Strategies
Tax obligations is a critical element to consider when evaluating a company’s sustainability profile.
16-04-2019 | Article
Peer advice for first time CSA participants
25-03-2019 | Video
Asia Status Report 2018
13-03-2019 | Article
ESG meets Investor Relations: demonstrating the business value of sustainability
26-02-2019 | Article
Welcoming back the “SAM” brand
14-02-2019 | Article
Pushing for greater transparency on companies’ human rights due diligence
16-01-2019 | Article
Latin America Progress Report 2018
11-10-2018 | Article
Climate Strategy
20-09-2018 | Article
Assessing the sustainability of companies’ tax strategies
13-09-2018 | Article
Does the CSA deliver quantifiable business results?
30-07-2018 | Video
How do you use the results of SAM CSA?
29-07-2018 | Video
Philips uses the CSA to receive holistic feedback
28-07-2018 | Video
Praxair uses the CSA as a way to look into the future
27-07-2018 | Video
What are the key benefits of the RobecoSAM benchmarking service to your organization?
26-07-2018 | Article
Where does SAM CSA fit your overall reporting approach?
25-07-2018 | Video