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S&P Global Foundation

We support inclusive sustainable economies and thriving global communities.

S&P Global Foundation is more than philanthropy—it’s making a difference by finding and developing essential connections between the knowledge and skills of S&P Global and the needs of society.   We make sure the work we do maximizes opportunities to engage S&P Global's employees and has a genuine impact on the communities in which we live.  We focus our efforts where we can make a real difference: Bridging the Global Skills Gap, Creating an Inclusive Economy, and Promoting a Sustainable Environment.  We also support global disaster relief efforts with a focus on resiliency.

Our Focus

Our Foundation's primary focus areas for grant making address issues that are essential to long-term sustainability and provide maximum opportunities to engage S&P Global employees and leverage their extensive expertise.


Our Grantee Partners

By partnering with local organizations, we support the commitment of S&P Global’s employees to help power thriving sustainable communities around the world. We also partner with nonprofits such as FIRST Robotics to inspire students from diverse backgrounds to be STEM leaders. We unlock opportunity for skilled immigrants by supporting Upwardly Global. We partner with Kiva to provide women entrepreneurs with essential capital, while also sharing the knowledge and experience of S&P Global’s workforce through employee-led mentorships. When we partner to support underrepresented populations, the diversity of skill, experience and creative thinking makes the global workforce stronger. It makes each of us stronger, too.

S&P Global Foundation Grants

The S&P Global Foundation accepts proposals and grant requests by invitation only from organizations with demonstrated successes in the outlined focus areas. Please note that the Foundation will not review or respond to any unsolicited letters of inquiry or proposals.

The S&P Global Foundation funds only charitable, not-for-profit organizations exempt from federal income taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Regardless of tax status, the S&P Global Foundation does not directly fund the following types of organizations, activities or purposes:

-Organizations that discriminate against any of their employees or applicants for employment because of age, race, color, religion, creed, citizenship status, marital status, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, disability, veteran status or any other protected status under applicable law (e.g., civil union status, height, weight, arrest record and status with regard to public assistance, to the extent protected under applicable law)
-Endowments or capital campaigns (exceptions are made by invitation only)
-Fraternities or Sororities
-Fundraising Organizations
-Programs designed to promote religious or political doctrines
-Political or Lobbying Organizations
-Professional Associations
-Private Foundations

In everything we do, we aim to contribute to society and our communities.

Foundation Board of Directors

Courtney Geduldig, Board Chair
Chief Public and Government Affairs Officer, S&P Global

Annette O’Hanlon
Chief Corporate Responsibility & Diversity Officer, S&P Global

Swamy Kocherlakota
EVP, Chief Information Officer, S&P Global

Dimitra Manis
Chief People Officer, S&P Global

Ching Ong
Vice President, Asia Pacific, S&P Global Platts

Amanda Samuel
Associate General Counsel, S&P Global Market Intelligence

Ewout Steenbergen
Chief Financial Officer, S&P Global

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