Platts Petrochemical Alert

Platts Petrochemical Alert delivers vital news, deal reporting and end-of-day price assessments direct to your screen in real-time.


  • — Make confident trading and investment decisions with independent and impartial reference prices backed by a time-tested and proven methodology.
  • — Seize opportunities before your competition by applying intelligence to help you understand the interaction between global and regional markets.
  • — Understand market activity over time using data to inform your trading and investment decisions.
  • — Approach counterparties or model data with greater confidence by knowing how and why we have arrived at a particular price.
  • — Understand underlying market dynamics and their potential impact on your strategic plans.


  • • News flashes and long-range analysis;
  • • Real-time deal reporting and heards, as well as end-of-day price assessments;
  • • Unique market insight detailing everything our editors are hearing daily;
  • • In-depth commentary on petrochemical price trends;
  • • Minute-by-minute global coverage of aromatics, polymers, olefins, solvents, intermediates, crude oil, naphtha, LPG, styrenics, plastics, methanol, gasoline blending, biofuels and more;
  • • Breaking news on every aspect of the petrochemical market, from plant closures to industry and market performance.