Platts Olefinscan

With the global olefins market changing, having access to information on the key drivers behind feedstock and derivative price trends is crucial. Platts Olefinscan is a weekly price assessment and market insight report that provides you with the latest olefin prices, including ethylene, propylene, and butadiene prices.


  • — Understand the key drivers for feedstock and derivative prices;
  • — Analyze key market activity and create custom price trend graphs to help you keep up to date with olefins market price movements as a basis for spot and contract negotiations;
  • — Help your sales team visualize ethylene and propylene price trends and act on opportunities using the informative olefin pricing charts depicting historic and current market activity;
  • — Create a competitive ethylene and propylene pricing strategy that can help you stay on top of the markets, negotiate best value and protect your margins;
  • — Analyze production economics using Platts Petrochemical Cracker Margin Index to calculate your costs in advance;
  • — Analyze price patterns to identify trends in the global olefin sector that will enable you to seize opportunities as they arise;
  • — Stay connected to the latest price changes and market news with online and mobile access.


  • — Industry news on the global olefin markets of the Americas, Europe, and Asia
  • — Sophisticated charting tools
  • — Exclusive analysis of key market and pricing trends
  • — Personalized alerts
  • — The latest insight from S&P Global Commodity Insights editorial team
  • — Weekly PDF market report, online and mobile access
  • — Closing market assessments and weekly prices for:
    • — Ethylene
    • — Propylene
    • — Ethylene Glycol
    • — Butadiene
    • — NWE Crude C4 / Raffinate 1
    • — Last settled US olefins contracts

Why S&P Global Commodity Insights?

As an independent commodity price and news provider with robust methodologies, our benchmark commodity prices have become the common language participants use to write contracts, monitor their commodity market, and achieve full transparency around transactions. S&P Global Commodity Insights makes no representation or warranty as to the results to be obtained by market participants who elect to use Platts' prices and indices as the basis for transactions.