Platts Forward Curve - Petrochemicals

Platts Forward Curve – Petrochemicals (PFC-Petchems) is an editorially observed and assessed forward curves package that helps you to manage exposure to price volatility and satisfy fair value reporting standards in the petrochemicals markets. Providing unbiased price assessments for Asia, Europe and North America with daily coverage of aromatics (including Benzene), Naphtha, Brent and Propane markets.

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  • — Manage exposure to price volatility and satisfy fair value financial reporting standards with forward curve data from an independent source
  • — Save time and resources by analyzing data from a single source
  • — Calculate mark-to-market valuations to determine profit and loss
  • — Report the fair value of financial instruments
  • — Calculate key risk metrics such as value-at-risk
  • — Manage counterparty credit exposure and collateral requirements
  • — Confidently assess the market values of assets and liabilities to support corporate strategies
  • — Validate internally-derived curves


  • — Almost 40 assessments of forward curves – plus spreads and differentials – across Asia, EMEA and Americas markets
  • — Forward curves that reflect transactable values on an MOC basis in Singapore, London, and Houston
  • — Assessments that extend up to 12 months
  • — Regional coverage of petrochemical and related petroleum markets
  • — Historical data for the petrochemical forward markets
Financial forward price assessments for all three major global trading regions, recognizing the relationship between the price of petroleum and petrochemicals.

Coverage includes:
  • • Brent
  • • Naphtha (Asia and Europe only)
  • • Benzene
  • • Isomer-MX (Asia only)
  • • Paraxylene
  • • Mixed Xylene (North America only)
  • • Styrene
  • • Toluene
  • • Propane

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