Platts proposes to rename carbon neutral LNG assessments

Platts, part of S&P Global Commodity Insights, is proposing to change the name of its carbon neutral LNG assessments from Feb. 1, 2023, to align nomenclature with other similar Platts price assessments.

The term "Carbon Neutral" would be replaced by "Carbon Accounted", meaning the assessments would now be under the header "Carbon Accounted LNG".

The full list of assessments to be renamed under the proposal is as below:

CNL WTW JKTC Differential (ex-Australia) would be renamed CAL WTW JKTC Differential (ex-Australia).

CNL WTT JKTC Differential (ex-Australia) would be renamed CAL WTT JKTC Differential (ex-Australia).

CNL DES JKTC Differential (ex-Australia) would be renamed CAL DES JKTC Differential (ex-Australia)

CNL Combustion JKTC would be renamed CAL Combustion JKTC

CNL WTW Australia-JKTC (Removals Credits) would be renamed CAL WTW Australia-JKTC (Removals Credits)

These assessments appear in Platts LNG Daily and Platts LNG Alert page LNG3000 under the following price database codes:

Assessment Code

CNL WTW JKTC Differential (ex-Australia) ACNLF00

CNL WTW JKTC Differential (ex-Australia) Mavg ACNLF03

CNL WTW JKTC Differential (ex-Australia) Cumulative Mavg ACNLH03

CNL WTT JKTC Differential (ex-Australia) ACNLB00

CNL WTT JKTC Differential (ex-Australia) Mavg ACNLA03

CNL WTT JKTC Differential (ex-Australia) Cumulative Mavg ACNLD03

CNL DES JKTC Differential (ex-Australia) ACNLG00

CNL DES JKTC Differential (ex-Australia) Mavg ACNLG03

CNL DES JKTC Differential (ex-Australia) Cumulative Mavg ACNLI03

CNL Combustion JKTC ACNLJ00

CNL WTW Australia-JKTC (Removals Credits) ACNLL00

CNL WTW Australia-JKTC (Removals Credits) Mavg ACNLL03

CNL WTW Australia-JKTC (Removals Credits) Cumulative Mavg ACNLM00

The calculation method and specifications for these assessments would remain unchanged.

Full details of Platts Carbon Neutral LNG assessments can be found in the Global LNG Specifications Guide:

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