Platts to publish Indonesia's Arbei crude ICP from January 2023

Platts, part of S&P Global Commodity Insights, will begin publishing the Indonesia Crude Price (ICP) for Arbei crude oil, as set by Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, with effect from January 2023.

The ministry issues the ICP for various crude oil grades produced in the country on a monthly basis retroactively.

The ICP for Arbei crude was first published as a standalone ICP by the ministry in its monthly notice in March 2022. Prior to that, the crude was grouped under the NSC/Katapa/Arbei ICP by the ministry.

From January 2023, Platts will publish the Arbei ICP under a standalone code on Platts Global Alert page 1056 alongside the ICPs of other crude grades from Indonesia.

Reference to Arbei on the existing NSC/Katapa/Arbei ICP under the code AINAE00 will be removed.

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