Platts corrects Nov. 14 ICE gasoil futures, EFS assessments

Platts, part of S&P Global Commodity Insights, has corrected the Nov. 14 ICE Gasoil and Gasoil Exchange of Futures for Swaps assessments. which should read as follows:


Gasoil futures Code Assessment

ICE Gasoil 16:30 Bal Month N/A

ICE Gasoil 16:30 Dec AAQYM01 1004.00

ICE Gasoil 16:30 Jan AAQYM02 992.50

ICE Gasoil 16:30 Feb AAQYM03 970.75

Gasoil EFS Code Assessment

Gasoil EFS Bal Mo AAQTX00 N/A

Gasoil EFS Dec AAQTY00 -51.00

Gasoil EFS Jan AAQTZ00 -65.57

These assessments appear in the Platts Asia Pacific/Arab Gulf Marketscan, on Platts Global Alert pages: MH2655, RF2655, MH2656, RF2656, MH2634, MH2654, SH1614, MH3974, MH3972, SH0614