Platts launches global I-RECs renewable electricity assessments

Platts, a division of S&P Commodities Insights, has begun publishing global I-RECs renewable electricity certificates assessments for Turkey and India from Sept. 5, and will start in Brazil Sept. 6 due to the US Labor Day bank holiday.

The I-RECs assessments reflect spot deliveries of certificates, representing a minimum 1 GWh, for prior year and current year vintages, rolling to the next vintages at the start of each calendar year.

For example, the vintages reflected in the assessment are 2021 and 2022 until Dec. 31, 2022, and will roll into 2022 and 2023 on Jan. 1, 2023.

Assessments are published for the following technologies and units of measures suited for each region:

For Brazil, assessments are published in BRL/MWh, USD/MWh and Eur/MWh at a 4:30 pm Sao Paulo, Brazil/3:30 pm Houston close for biomass, hydro, solar and wind technologies.

For Turkey, assessments are in Eur/MWh and USD/MWh at a 4:30 pm London close for biomass, hydro, solar and wind technologies.

For India, assessments are in INR/MWh, USD/MWh and Eur/MWh at a 5:30 pm India/1200 GMT timestamp for hydro.

Each I-REC represents the environmental attributes of renewable electricity and is equivalent to one megawatt hour of electricity generated from renewable sources, as certified and recorded within the I-REC Standard registry.

The I-RECs assessments are published in the ETA service line, under the following fixed pages:

ETA6100 for Brazil, ETA6200 for Turkey and ETA6300 for India.

Assessments are also published in Megawatt Daily and European Power Daily.

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Platts will consider all comments received and will make comments not marked as confidential available upon request.