Platts proposes including Innospec and Wonder Energy additives in Singapore gasoil

Following a continued review of recognized additives contained in the FOB Singapore gasoil assessment process, S&P Global Platts proposes to begin reflecting three new additives.

The additives are:

Additive Name
Additive Type
Lubricity improver
Lubricity improver
Xi'an Wonder Energy chemical Co., Ltd
Lubricity improver
Xi'an Wonder Energy chemical Co., Ltd

Platts proposes to add the additives to the list of recognized additives reflected in its assessment process.

The list of Platts gasoil recognized additives is intended to provide clarity to market participants regarding which additives are generally considered to be merchantable and accepted for cargoes delivered through the Platts Market on Close assessment process in Singapore.

Platts does not align its FOB Singapore additives acceptance to any particular importing country.

For the full list of previously identified additives, please see

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Platts will consider all comments received and will make comments not marked as confidential available to the public upon request.