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Commodity Tracker: 6 charts to watch this week

Oil and refined products trends are in the sights of S&P Global Commodity Insights editors this week. We consider the impact of US jet fuel and diesel price hikes, as well as trans-Atlantic freight costs, oil demand in North Africa, and more. 1. Surging US jet fuel prices drive historic rise in airfares What’s happening? The most recent US consumer price index report showed a rise of 8.2% from a year ago across all items, but airfares were up 33.3%, and increased 18


13 May 2022

Global agriculture markets jittery on worsening food inflation outlook

Civilization is only nine meals away from anarchy. This famous line hits home in the current play as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine set open a can of worms for agriculture producers and consumers worldwide. Supply disruptions are coming at a crucial time when the world is in the midst of months-long high energy and input cost environment, which are playing into the inflationary pressures and forcing governments to take policy actions such as export curbs


12 May 2022

Is LFP still the cheaper battery chemistry after record lithium price surge?

Steep rises in battery raw materials prices since the start of 2021 are causing speculation over either demand destruction or delays, and have led to the belief that automotive companies could shift preferences for their electric vehicles. The lowest-cost pack has always been lithium-iron-phosphate, or LFP. Tesla has been using LFP for its China-made entry-level models since 2021


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